School Cleaning in Summerside

From pre-school to post-secondary, schools are high-traffic areas that attract all walks of life and therefore varying standards of hygiene. Given the amount of different people coming in and out every day, schools have a lot of potential to be breeding grounds for bacteria. Mitigating the transmission of bacteria and viruses in your educational facility is essential to making your school a success. If you aren’t able to provide your students and staff with a clean environment to work in, chances are there will be plenty of eyebrows being raised at how you are running the school.

If you run any type of school in the Summerside that should be taking more precaution to provide its faculty and student body with sanitary facilities, then you should contact A-1 Building Cleaning Ltd. today. For the last several years, A-1 Building Cleaning Ltd. has specialized in cleaning schools, daycares and other educational facilities around the Summerside area. Making sure that an entire school is disinfected and ready to receive students and staff is not an easy task. It requires serious attention to detail and dedication to make sure that the job’s been done well and under tight time constraints no less.

Thanks to our extensive experience cleaning schools all over the Summerside area, we are confident we can bring your school to a level of cleanliness you never thought possible. For your free estimate on A-1 Building Cleaning Ltd.’s superior school cleaning services, give us a call today.

Detailed Disinfection

One of the most important aspects of school cleaning services is being able to properly disinfect the area. Of course, to do this effectively, professional janitors that know the problem areas in a school is a serious asset. For example, which carries more germs: a toilet seat or a plastic cafeteria tray? Per square inch, plastic cafeteria trays have more bacteria than toilet seats. Who would have ever guessed? Our staff would have because they have received the necessary training to recognize which areas are more likely to cause the spread of bacteria.

When you choose A-1 Building Cleaning Ltd. for our school cleaning services, we target known germ vectors like desks, cafeteria tables, chair backs and door handles. These surfaces might be overlooked by the custodians you have on staff, but that’s why we are such an asset.

We can even sanitize sandboxes, comb playgrounds for hazardous material and schedule deep cleans on days the school is closed to maximize the hygiene and health of your facility.

Healthy Cleaning Methods

The importance of indoor air quality can’t be underestimated, especially in an environment where people are trying to learn. Harsh chemicals lingering in the air can cause an unnecessary distraction. That is why A-1 Building Cleaning Ltd. is proud to use eco-friendly cleaning products that won’t aggravate asthma, allergies and other health complications like traditional cleaning products would. We are committed to making your school, regardless of its level, as comfortable as can be.

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Cleanliness is incredibly important, especially when you are trying to mold young minds. If you agree, contact A-1 Building Cleaning Ltd. today and let us help you make your school more conducive to learning by removing clutter and dirt.